Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kennedy clan decamping to CLT

 No word on whether Ethel Kennedy will attend “Ethel,” an upcoming HBO doc about her that’s in the Impact Film Festival lineup convention week. (At uptown Charlotte's Mez & EpiCentre Theaters.)

But RFK’s widow – now 84 – will be in CLT.

She’ll join about two dozen members of the Kennedy clan at the DNC, says the Bah-ston Globe.

Grandson Joseph Kennedy III, a candidate for Congress, will introduce a video salute to the late Sen. Ted Kennedy on the convention’s opening night.

-- Tim Funk 


Anonymous said...

Everyone stay off the roads and away from bridges.

Anonymous said...

Especially if you are pregnant!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering why the shelves at all the liquor stores were empty.

Anonymous said...

Does Tim Funk even realize that he looks like an 11-year-old One Direction fan when he writes this stuff?

Anonymous said...

Bridges? Oceans? Fish? Crabs? Boats? Tunnels? Islands? Where?

Its really weird being from the Boston area and having lived on the west coast coming here where there are no major oceans, no big bridges, no seafood to catch, no harbor ferrys or docks, no large sea going vessels, no fishing boats, etc.
At least the Kennedy clan had plenty of salt water and bridges to drive off of.

And these morons incredibly cram everything inside a small circle pretending like there is no room on the outside? Whats up with that? They do everything backwards. Noone has ever heard of a clambake either.

How did this place get started anyway? Theres absolutely nothing here. Theres not even a single mountain in sight. An extremely geographically boring place.

David P. McKnight said...

Mecklenburg Patriots of '75

How did "this place get started" in colonial times? A lot of folks moved to this region of the Carolinas from Pennsylvania and Maryland, traveling south down from the Pennsylvania valley, having originally come to America from countries like Scotland, Ireland, England, France and Germany.

Many of Mecklenburg County's early patriot leaders were educated at the College of New Jersey, later known as Princeton, if our good and knowledgeable friends from Boston have ever heard of Harvard's fellow Ivy League educational institution.

In 1775, after the first revolutionary battles broke out at Lexington and Concord in New England, Mecklenburg patriots joined the movement for American independence, pledging that "Boston's liberty is our own."

So for being one of the first Southern colonies to rise to the defense of dear Old New England, we get subjected to this kind of "backwoods" intellectual put-downs by Boston's finest Democrats. Yes, the Carolinas were a "backwoods region" back in those days, offering a sturdy pioneering upbringing to future Presidents Andrew Jackson, James Knox Polk and Amdrew Johnson.

And yet 12 years after Boston took over the 2000 Democratic convention in Los Angeles, keeping nominee Al Gore from getting off to a good start in his fall campaign, they're going to take center court again in Charlotte in 2012 as if nobody from any other region of the country ever did anything for the Democratic Party. JFK and RFK, great students of American history, politics and the U.S. Constitution, would be appalled at Beantown's continuing political selfishness and domination of Democratic Party events in other regions of the country.

President Obama is already slipping in the fall campaign because too many powerful national Democrats are saying: ask not what we can do for the Democratic Party and the Nation, ask what the Democratic Party can do for us.

David P. McKnight

BH said...

Well put, David. Hope the Boston Brahmin learned a bit of history-real history.