Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Caroline Kennedy, Eva Longoria to speak at convention

Caroline Kennedy and actress Eva Longoria are among the latest speakers to be added to the DNC slate this morning.

Both are co-chairwomen of President Obama's re-election campaign.

Other speakers announced this morning:


David P. McKnight said...

Caroline should invite her Aunt Ethel to the podium to say a few words about RFK, who always gets left out of the special salutes and remembrances at the Democratic National Convention every four years.

And somebody ought to make a tribute to North Carolina's great Southeastern neighbor, President Jimmy Carter, for the great things he has done for the country both in his term as President and in all the years since!

While they're at it, they should have a video on the life and career of Gov. and Sen. Terry Sanford, who helped move the Democratic Party forward in the 1960s and beyond. This Democratic convention doesn't have enough "home cooking."

Thank goodness Sen. Barbara Mikulski will be among the speakers at the DNC because she has really been there in the trenches for the Democratic Party through thick and thin and always keeps her focus on the essential issues facing the country.

Plus she's a good Orioles fan, and Baltimore is having a good year. Cal Ripkin Jr. and Eddie Murray both played in Charlotte in the '70s. See, we can only wonder if Rep. Nancy Pelosi left her Oriole loyalties behind when she moved out to California. But she can pull for the Dodgers, Giants, A;s or Angels if she prefers.

All Democratic delegates should salute the Charlotte Knights for their great division run in the International League. And don't forget, Democratic politicos, Charlotte is truly an international city in its own right and not just a subdivision of the Atlanta-Richmond urban corridor.

Mel Watt is going to have his hands full making sure the Carolinas and the Southeast don't get totally left out in all the convention hoopla. Congressman Watt would be a stellar keynote speaker or could give the nominating speech for President Obama. You shouldn't have a President being nominated for re-election by a former President because that might make the voters look backward. They might ask George W. Bush to serve a third term.

Anonymous said...

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