Saturday, August 11, 2012

Banks try to minimize DNC risk

The protesters are coming, and at least one of the big banks is getting ready. Sources who should know told us that Wells Fargo will likely coat its uptown windows with anti-shatter stuff.

Looks better than boarding them up – still an option, we hear.

With anarchists and Occupiers among the mix of marchers, a source said, “Banks will be such a huge target.” Many Wells Fargo employees will be working from home, far away from protesters.

--Tim Funk


Anonymous said...

Unbelievable. The terror from within. If it's not this crowd of filth it's the dirty thug animals. Just look at what our Country has become.

Anonymous said...

The brown shirts of the democrat party terrorizing banks?
Well... this is what Obama wants and what Charlotte wanted so you got the thugs you asked for.
Look for lots of "you didn't build that, you don't deserve it, we'll take it" flash mobs too.