Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DNC price-gouged on hotel rooms?

Did Charlotte hotels price-gouge the DNC?

That's what Nashville superdelegate Will T. Cheek tells the Tennessean newspaper. Public officials in the state capital have been considering whether the city should put in a bid to host a political convention, encouraged by the decision to choose relatively-small Charlotte.

But Cheek said convention organizers have run into problems with the size of the market, including hotel chains jacking up prices because they knew the DNC would have no other options. To find space for all the state delgations, the DNC had to spill over into neighboring towns.

"Charlotte is becoming real difficult," the eighth-time convention-goer told the Tennessean.

Cheek declined to speak to the Observer on the subject.


Nibletodell said...

Nashville superdelegate is calling charlotte, a city a good bit larger than Nashville a relatively small city.

Garth Vader said...

High demand leads to high prices. This is called "the free market", something that a Democrat can't understand and therefore resents.

I wonder what overpriced goods & services Mr. Cheek provides that have allowed him to take a week off work and pay his own way to the convention eight times.

Anonymous said...

LOL-what a douche....Bet you the hotels charge more on weekends when there is a Panther's game, Race week, etc....Hotels in the mountains will charge more when the fall colors are hitting their peak and everyone goes to the mountains. Supply and Demand dude, live with it. And don't start telling me about it being high, you probably make 3 times more than us ordinary people make. Suck it up and pay, or just don't come!