Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dems still having trouble saying 'Bank of America Stadium'?

Looks like those emails referring to Charlotte's football venue as "Panthers Stadium" may not have been a fluke.

In an interview with CNN, Los Angeles mayor and Democratic National Convention chairman Antonio Villaraigosa stumbled a bit when asked by CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin about the reports of referring to Bank of America Stadium by another name. Villaraigosa is in Tampa this week to provide a counterpoint to the Republican convention.

"Do you have a problem with a big-bank sponsor?" Baldwin asked him.

Villaraigosa said he didn't, but noted that the Panthers do play there and that they're a "great football team." (He a fan?)

"I'm just calling it the football stadium," he said. He also said the convention is proud to be in Charlotte and in North Carolina.

The video was posted to YouTube by a Republican organization, but you can verify its context by reading a transcript provided by CNN itself.

--Andrew Dunn


Anonymous said...

Snubbing BofA? Why is Brian Moynihan on the short list of guests at the White House then? He an Obama are tight. I still believe it was Moynihan who influenced the Obama/DNC to pick Charlotte in the first place but no one will ever admit to it.

Camudigit said...

Obama and Dems still want their supporters to think and believe they are anti-big banks and anti-corporate sponsors while they continue to solicit their fundraising dollars to fuel their campaign. The sad thing is, many idiot voters buy into this false ideology. Bottom line, without banks and corporations, who would sponsor sports leagues, charity events, and other things so dependent on sponsorship dollars?

Anonymous said...

Oh, but we are against them. Stealing our money with fines and fees. The rich are in power and don't want it any other way. May God have mercy on their sorry souls.

Anonymous said...

No one wants to be associated with the crooked and disgraceful Bank of America and the crooked and disgraceful Duke Energy Company. They both have brought disgrace to the city of Charlotte. Both of these companies are nothing but CROOKS and they get away with everything they legally and unlegally they can. Moynihan and Rogers need to be in prison for all the unlawful things they have done to you and I and the people of North Carolina and our great USA.

Anonymous said...

There's definitely no hyperbole or exaggeration going on in these comments so far...

Anonymous said...

More political expediency from Obama

Anonymous said...

Those big bad banks and enrgy companies....how dare they employ thousands and make a better life for those families. Maybe we can shut them down and all of those folks can go work for the government. That is the plan...correct?

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not even Obama has his limits.

Noone in this city hates BOA Duke or any big business and are very proud to have them here.
The real disgrace are the rogue imposters posting trashy lies but at least the Atheists Of America caved and removed their unrepresentative billboards this city did not want.

The Democratic Party had them all removed.

Charlotte is still the City Of Churches as it has been for 200 years and birthplace of the worlds greatest evangelist and native son Rev Billy Graham and his worldwide headquarters.