Wednesday, August 22, 2012

AP: Charlotte stuck with N.C.

AP has spoken: Wire service stories about our big-enough-to-get-the-DNC city will continue to have Charlotte, N.C., not just Charlotte, as the dateline.

CLT crusader Jill Santuccio got the dispiriting news in an email from thDavid Mintorn, AP Stylebook co-editor.

“AP stories are transmitted globally, and more detailed datelines help readers overseas and elsewhere grasp news locations,” he e-wrote.

So why standalone datelines for Denver? Baltimore? St. friggin’ Louis?

Santuccio – owner of PRISM Communications, a Charlotte PR firm – says she’s not giving up.

Next step: A petition!


Andy Bechtel said...

The right move by AP. Here's why:

Anonymous said...

He's right.

If we can't shake it, then we should embrace it like a beloved family member.

In fact, own it.

When things embarrass you and others use them to belittle you, the only way to lose them is to embrace them.

Gay people and African American people, among others, know this.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte is simply not as "big," recognizable, or important outside of the Carolinas as its residents would like to believe.

That's not to say it's not a nice-sized place, but it does not yet have the recognition 'punch' its residents lose sleep over.

Cities that DO, do not have to write the Associated Press and ask if they are ready for single-name/no state recognition.

Anonymous said...

For starters the...

University of (nc) Charlotte

needs to lose the nc.

Anonymous said...

Folks, I am sorry to jump on this bandwagon as a thunder cloud, but sorry, most people do not know where Charlotte is- sadly, even here in the US. Don't believe me? Next time you have to call someone or have to set up something like mail order pharmaceuticals or place a catalog order and simply say Charlotte when they ask for your address and see how long for most on the other end to ask something like: "And that is located...?" or And that is in which state?" etc.

Can't we all just be grateful to have this opportunity rather than whine that everybody in the world doesn't know us simply by the city name??

Anonymous said...

First of all, Charlotte's CSA region has more people than 8 of the so-called stand alone cities (there are 30 in the US); so it has very little to do with a city's size and influence. To be quite honest, Charlotte is the ONLY "Gamma+" or better "world city" in the US that is not a stand alone city.

Secondly, many of the cities that are stand alone are not places the average joe can pin point. Believe it or not, there are many folks who have heard of cities like Chicago and Denver, but couldn't really tell you what states they were in or where their general location is on a map. In other words, people in general are just not good with geography, mapping, and location (which is why the GPS Navigation industry is booming LOL).

Lastly, Charlotte was the fastest growing urbanized area in the US between 2000 and 2010; proof that folks know where Charlotte is (they don't seem to have difficulty getting their moving vans to the right state now do they).

So IMO, Charlotte, NC city leaders need to just calm down and see the stand alone city bias for what it truly is. FWIW, USA Today chose to list Charlotte as a stand alone (which is a total slight to the AP). I've seen the Washington Post do the same sometimes (yet another AP slight). Still though, none of this really matters. New Orleans is a stand alone city, and though I LOVE NO's charm; does the average Charlottean really wish to trade places with NO? I don't think so. So be proud of Charlotte, NC. The AP has their 30 favorites right now and they're just simply not interested in making that number 31.

Anonymous said...

2:06 is right, particularly when it comes to geography. This is a product of the failed government schools most people get "educated" in. Since there is almost no teaching in schools anymore, replaced by self-esteem building and colectivist indoctrination, we have produced a generation of young adults that couldn't find Denver on a map if you paid them.

I'll echo some of the previous posters: WHO CARES??????? There are 3 things I don't like about living here - 1) the brutal summer weather, 2) the drastic increase in the election of Democrats and 3) the constant whining of insecure local "leaders" who spend every waking moment obsessing over what other people think of us.

This is an excellent place to live. Other than the too-hot summers, the climate is excellent, there are plenty of fun things to do, the cost of living is low compared to most other large cities. Who cares what the suits at the AP think?

Anonymous said...

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Carl Withers said...

If Charlotte would ever quit whining and lobbying to drop the "N.C.", it will go away sooner. The AP isn't going to respond to being strong-armed. In fact, the opposite will happen and they will dig in.

Anonymous said...

A petition? Desperate.

Anonymous @ 2:06 exposes more of the problem.

Charlotteans cry about not being recognized for all the numerical statistics out there, when in actuality most Americans (let alone foreigners) have no idea what a CSA is. They don't know Alpha, Beta, Gamma ratings or sit around discussing number of people per square mile.

They have a "feeling" about what the important, best, largest (subjectively speaking) areas are - driven by history, perceived popularity (local attractions, landmarks), metro size to a degree, and other factors. Charlotte simply has not joined the group of the chosen few. Why that is not okay with the locals baffles me.

But we're in the fastest growing "urban area" and have one of the largest CSAs (per the poster)... I guess we expect people to know that.

Anonymous said...

I'm a Charlotte native and I used to chafe at the "N.C." tag.

No more.

We are who we are and I love Charlotte and think it's a great place to live-well, except for the dreadful summers that I loved as a child and now despise. :)

Here's to Charlotte, North Carolina!

Anonymous said...

If Charlotte was called "North Carolina City" or "North Carolinapolis" we would not be having this tired old discussion. As others have stated, Charlotte is a geat place to live as the past census results have shown. People are just as clueless to Charlotte's actual location on a map as they are with most cities because society (as a whole) just doesn't know geography very well. You'd think that the Charlotte boosters are smart enough to know at least this much.

I also agree with the others who feels that if Charlotte boosters would leave the issue alone (as if there really is an "issue") the NC will eventually drop on its own. FWIW, cities such as Tampa, Portland, Columbus, Charlotte, Austin, Nashville, Memphis, and quite a few others all have legitimate gripes over this issue.

In the case of Portland and Columbus, they didn't make the cut because of Portland, Maine and Columbus, GA. However, the more known cities with those names really don't need their state names; the smaller ones do.

In all honesty, there are probably close to 50 or so recognizable US cities that don't really need their state names (IMO, Charlotte and Raleigh being two them). The idea that this is all about "cities that have arrived" is just laughable. If the state's name is similar to the city's name (ie, Indianapolis and Oklahoma City) or if the city is old as dirt and used to be a relevant economic powerhouse (ie New Orleans) then your city can make this list. That's the reality. If it was all about history and "charm" then we'd see Charleston, SC and Richmond, VA on that list as well (two cities that I feel deserve it). My point is that Charlotte isn't alone here so the city boosters really need to let this thing go.

BH said...

In this household, it is Charlotte-period. If the party on the other end of the conversation is too ignorant to know which state this city (or Denver, Chicago,et al) is in, we can't help them. They must have flunked elementary school geography.

Anonymous said...

Props to Santuccio for trying but ya'll want to know something, sometimes I just like saying "...Charlotte....NORTH CAROLINA" get my point across.

Anonymous said...

Romney too stiff with no sense of humor ???????

Best punch line in years ...

Romney is THE MAN !!!

Obama an incompetent nation destroyer QUACK !!

Anonymous said...

How ironic it be for the Charlotte NC DNC to be blasted by a Cat 3 Hugo like in 1989 after blowing Charleston SC off the map where it came ashore since all the yack seems to be Tampa RNC and some minor tropical storm Issac.

It could happen ...

Anonymous said...

Speaking of big blows the mystery has officially been solved why the president choose to stay in Ballantyne and the joint got its name.

Ballantyne or Ballentyne where "dignitary" Obama will be staying for the DNC was clearly named for famous Hollywood porn star Brooke Ballentyne and a Charlotte NC native.
No wonder he wanted to stay in Ballantyne to get his choice of Ballentyne free movies and hookers in the lobby. Prob where members of his cabinet male and female are staying plus Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan too.
Las Vegas deju vu.

Anonymous said...

Mr Obama prob wont be looking for females. Gayboy Axlerod handling all details as DNC ramps up for big sleazefest in Sept.

RNC Tampa 2012

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Anonymous said...

Great attention for the RNC !!!


Anonymous said...

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