Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Westin repairs continue

Nearly ten months after a 30- to 50-pound sheet of aluminum fell from the outer wall of the Westin hotel’s 24th floor, officials are still making fixes to the façade – but say the work will be done by convention time.

No one was hurt by the debris, which a Lynx light-rail operator discovered on the tracks. But the September incident did trigger a six-month evaluation of the building’s exterior, according to David Montgomery, the hotel’s director of sales and marketing.

 “That was done in conjunction with the city, and also with an engineering firm that we brought in to do that,” Montgomery said. “Obviously, they wanted to make sure there were no additional panels that would fall.” Through the study, workers found other loose panels, Montgomery said, and are now removing and resealing those pieces. Work should be done by August.

Photo: workers hanging a net around the Westin last September. Repairs are ongoing.


Anonymous said...

This place needs to be re-examined. I watched a scaffold fall from the building on Monday during the huge storm that ran through the city. Had anyone been on the side walk, they would have been killed. Get it together Westin.

Rev. Mike said...
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Rev. Mike said...

Whoa. So happy to be going there tomorrow and Friday for a class!