Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Panel hosting 'most open and accessible' convention holds another closed meeting

The Charlotte committee hosting what's been advertised as the most open and accessible national political convention in U.S. history held another closed meeting Wednesday.

The Observer and other media were sent a news release hours after the meeting, which was mostly a guided tour of the various upcoming Democratic National Convention venues -- including Time Warner Cable Arena and Bank of America Stadium.

Members of Charlotte in 2012's host and steering committees first heard from Mayor Anthony Foxx -- a public official and co-chair of the host panel -- and were then bused around to the venues, the release said.

Former Charlotte Mayor Richard Vinroot, a Republican who was among those attending, said the group got to see where President Barack Obama will stand in the stadium -- around the 50-yard line -- when he gives his acceptance speech on Sept. 6.

Both Vinroot and Georgia Jacquez Lewis, a Democrat who also went on the tour, said there were no questions or discussion about fundraising. The host committee must raise $36.6 million to fund the convention, now just over five weeks away. Some reports have said the group is way behind their goal. Host committee officials will say only that they're "on track."

Host committee spokeswoman Suzi Emmerling said all host/steering committees are closed and that Charlotte in 2012 has been more forthcoming than its counterpart in Tampa, where the Republicans will hold their convention at the end of August.

But a report Wednesday from Tampa said that city's mayor, Democrat Bob Buckhorn, will host three town hall meetings in August to discuss the impact the GOP convention will have on residents and businesses. Nobody's calling that convention the most open and accessible ever, but the mayor's town hall meetings are expected to be open, not closed.

-- Tim Funk 


Anonymous said...


They learned it from the best. Our most "open and transparent" President in history....LOL

Anonymous said...

Nice to see the Observer venting their frustrations about this fustercluck so publicly. Too bad the light bulb went off for you about two years too late.

Anonymous said...

Have you liberals figured out yet this adminstration is the least transparent in history yet? Or is sycophant so deep in you over this President and the Dem Party, it simply just does not matter anymore?

Anonymous said...

Looks like they are treating the Charlotte Observer as hick backwater not good enough and out of the DNC loop as Foxx and his comrades manipulate everything in private but will expect excellent coverage anyway of their re-coronation event for King Obama. DNC motto: do as we say not as we do.

On another note the party hardy RNC and Tampa gear up with the strip clubs expecting a big week for the big pre-celebration victory party. Nothing private. Full transparency.

Anonymous said...

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Mentally unstable homo liberals are now murdering in public venues killing innocents as the black jobless rates for black jobless rate is 50% while the white jobless is 25%.

Romney is clear choice as next president to remove the Kenyan nationlist Obama whose Chicago murder rate averages 800 a yr.

approved by RNC 2012 Tampa

Anonymous said...

MO makes it official at the hetrophobe sandusky-batman serial freakshow event.

Anonymous said...

44th white president Obamas ancestors were slave owners in the south. Romney ancestors never owned slaves.

Anonymous said...

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