Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rallying citizens abroad

The delegates to the September convention in Charlotte won’t be just from all over the country – they’ll be from all over the world. As in Afghanistan, Peru, South Africa, Canada, Mexico, Sweden, Germany and the United Kingdom. “We had a global primary,” said Kenneth Sherman, international chair of Democrats Abroad. He was in Charlotte over the weekend to attend the state chairs meeting. Sherman is a U.S. citizen who lives in Canada – the home of an estimated 800,000 Americans, he said. Overall, 4.3 million Americans live abroad. “Our challenge is to get them to vote in U.S. elections,” Sherman said. “Most think that once they live in another country that they’re unqualified to vote.” In fact, they aren’t, he said. And 25 of the 50 states even allow grown children who were born abroad to U.S. parents to vote in their state primaries, Sherman said. Details on voting absentee from another country:; and Tim Funk