Monday, July 9, 2012

American-made souvenirs arrive at Maddi's Gallery

Owners Madis and Diane Sulg of Maddi's Gallery, at 1530 East Blvd., are stocking the shelves with made-in-America convention gifts.

The novelties includes prints ($18) and notecards ($3.25) of a donkey dressed as the regal Queen Charlotte, the creation of Charlotte-based artist Celia Flock. Also look for “Barack around the Clock” alarm clocks for $19.95.

Pewter tokens include a cutout “O” hole – but that’s not to spell “GOP.” The hole spells “Vote Yes On Obama” on one side, and “Vote NO Romney” on the other. 

-Celeste Smith


Anonymous said...

ALL of the stuff I got from the Romney camp is made in America, some of the shit my wife got from the Obama camp was not.

Anonymous said...

Where's an article to show the progress of the $37M that Charlotte taxpayers are on the hook for!!!

Less than 2 months away and last report was they've raised only $10M. Bend over yet again Charlotte!!!

Anonymous said...

Obamas ( and Bushs) illegals? Got love em huh?
Parasite infestations and deadly diseases all over America now brought in by millions of aliens from south of the border and many contagious outbreaks being kept a secret by the Feds.

Anonymous said...

Esto es un hecho que todos los hoteles de uptown centro en esta ciudad y metrópolis están infestados de sangre horrible terrible chupando parasitics como los piojos chinches pulgas y dieases incluso que no se puede quitar. Es imposible la erradicación de estos infestación y las principales ciudades de América debido a la migración tienen el mismo problema pero mantenerlo tranquilo.Trabajadores de mano de obra de latinos son plenamente conscientes de todo y trajeron aquí pero no pueden decir nada o ser despedidos.

Anonymous said...

Is this even news ?

Anonymous said...