Thursday, July 19, 2012

Southern Living compares Charlotte vs. Tampa

They have shores, we have banks? For the August issue, Southern Living did a matchup comparing Charlotte, home of the Democratic National Convention, and Tampa, home of the Republican National Convention.

The Observer's former columnist Tommy Tomlinson did the essay duties on behalf of the QC, while the magazine also did a lineup up each city's credentials as a place to party. (The early version I saw still listed the kickoff party at the Charlotte Motor Speedway, which has since been moved to Tryon Street uptown.)

Among the recipes: Two versions of wings (left wings and right wings) and some cocktails with truly cringe-inducing names (Bourbon on the Baracks for Charlotte, the Grand Old Fashioned for Tampas, and the Muddle of the Road for those who are staying out of the whole thing.)

Get an early look at the SL coverage here.

-Kathleen Purvis


plenty said...

what happened to all the posts from this morning? Too negative?

Anonymous said...

Tampa vs Charlotte? You kidding right?

The greatest thing about Charlotte is thats its not that big and they spread things so people can breathe clean air and avoid congestion and dont try to cram everything inside some small circle like a can of sardines.

Charlotte also has great year round temps with that great natural scenery with the Gulf of Mexico, skiing, beaches, fishing, boating, sightseeing, beach high rise hotels and condos etc. Dont forget the nice big bridge over the causeway and all the paradise islands.

Charlotte also has Disneyworld to the east and the Cape with the rocket stuff east of that.
Plus real pro footbal, baseball and basketball in the area. Tropical Miami not that far and the Atlantic.

The city of Port Charlotte Florida def wins.

Anonymous said...

Charlotte has four seasons and wildly fluctuating weather patterns, two consecutive days alike seldom.
One good cool season's not bad, no thunder or lightning, no freezes.
Tampa's tropical year round, oh.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but Tampa is in Florida, a disgusting swamp retirement home state. Miami has buildings which disappear in the smog and reemerge. Humidity there is ridiculous, even for people born and raised in the South, oh, and hurricanes. Everyone I've heard of who vacations in Florida (even foreigners who go there primarily for Disneyworld) talk about how Miami, Tampa, and Orlando are "disappointing" and have nothing to really offer except a bunch of cheap parties and a constant "But Look At Me" 13 year-old mind set.