Monday, July 23, 2012

Could a hurricane force GOP to seek refuge in CLT?

Could a hurricane blow the Republican convention from Tampa, Fla., to … Charlotte?

That was the buzz around some parts of the Queen City. The premise: If a last-minute hurricane blows into Tampa during the last week of August, Republicans would flee to a city already set up for a national convention and the needs of a worldwide media.

“We have contingency plans for any kind of interruptions that may happen,” says James Davis, head of the GOP convention’s Committee on Arrangements.”

So, could those plans include Charlotte? Don’t count on it.

“We’re confident that our contingency plans are in place and we’ll have a successful convention,” Davis says. --Jim Morrill


Anonymous said...

Lord, let's hope not. Last thing we need is to have uptown shut down 2 weeks in a row. And make no mistake, if you aren't a delegate to the DNC, uptown will be shut down for all intents and purposes. I certainly don't want to be anywhere near uptown in DNC week. I have no desire to go through a body cavity search on every corner I come to.

Anonymous said...

Nice to see Morrill take a break from copying and pasting campaign finance reports. Too bad the only other thing he knows to do is engage in uptown-booster rumormongering.

Anonymous said...

whos the dumbass crackhead celeste smith?