Friday, September 28, 2012

NBC/WSJ Poll: Neck and neck in NC

A new NBC/Wall Street Journal/Marist Poll has good news for Democrat Barack Obama and for Republican Pat McCrory in North Carolina.

The poll, released Friday, shows Obama with the support of 48 percent of likely North Carolina voters to 46 percent for Mitt Romney. It's the latest in a series of polls by the NBC partnership that show Obama leading his Republican opponent in swing states.

In North Carolina, Obama is up by 1.1 points in the Real Clear Politics polling average.

"This was the closest of the battleground states four years ago and it is close again this time," said Lee Miringoff, director of the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion. "The competitive presidential contest is not, however, spilling over to the race for governor."

The poll shows McCrory leading Democratic Lt. Gov. Walter Dalton 52 percent to 39 percent. Jim Morrill


Anonymous said...

There goes the liberal media and pollster liars pissing into the wind again trying to get Romney voters at home but it wont work ...

Lateralus said...

Lord child, have some dignity. This whole puting your fingers in your ears and screaming is just embarrassing you republicans more and more. Denial is sad to watch.

Anonymous said...

Obama Revolutionary Muslim Brotherhood puppet govt of Libya terrorist attack on US Embassy truth draws closer.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

And by how many points did they favor Democrats in this poll? If they truly cared about credibility, they would give those details. I'm willing to bet they over-polled Dems by +6 since Romney has been over Obama for weeks in N.C.

Anonymous said...

EVERY poll including the ones like Rasmussen that lean towards Republicans, show President Obama leading Romney in North Carolina. Just like in 2008, wishing it was not so and using bogus arguments to refute the polls, do not change the reality that North Carolina favors the President's reelection.

Anonymous said...

Neck and neck? What a laugh but typical lib spew.

Out of 100 NC counties the permanent ban on sicko soddomite marriage with the constitutional amendment in NC passed by 94 counties. That must be neck and neck too in the dumb liberal brain.

Gotta love messiah Obamas "forward" motto. Can time tick any other way but forward? Do they make clocks that go backward? Kind of hard to go back in time unless its his failed socialism?
Snake oil gimmick.

Hitlers swastica was the "forward" moving wheel symbol. Go figure.
Barack Hitler is perfecto. Another failure.

Adolf said...

NC just does not matter this go-around. Obama has it all wrapped up in OH, VA, and FL. Romney cannot win under any scenario.

It would be awesome to see NC go for Obama again!

Anonymous said...

If Obama is 50% white then Wright must be 95% white judging by the pic. How can these two white crackas be such haters of their own white race? Liberal scum.

Anonymous said...

polls are skewed against Republican challenger Mitt Romney, and sample too many Democrats.

Well, tell that to Fox News’ bipartisan polling operation.

The latest national survey for right-leaning Fox shows President Obama with a stable 48-43 percent lead over Romney among likely voters. By a 50-46 margin, the 1,208 registered voters surveyed said they believe America’s 44th president deserves to be reelected.

Anonymous said...

Romney not only will destroy the worst president in history with a soon to be 20 trillion debt and highest joblesss rate ever with 50%on gumint welfare or foodstamps soon but has the national election wrapped up. NC is a cinch especially after homosexual Obama and his homo marriage failure that was hilarious.
All the networks and media are liberal scum including Fox who only pretends to be otherwise to fool the liberal dummies who are easy prey.

Romney was president of American Motors and three term governor of Michigan and worked
with MLK, mother ran for senate, he was unpaid
missionary for two years in France (long, hard, discouraging work days), valedictorian,
Harvard MBA (top 5%), Harvard JD (with honors), unpaid Mormon bishop (to the
99%) unpaid Mormon stake president (to the 99.9%), gave away inheritance, Staples
(89,000 jobs), Sports Authority (15,000 jobs), Domino's Pizza (7,900 jobs), quarter-billionaire,
wealth placed in blind trust (no one owns him), saved Olympics, Massachusetts
Governor where half of his staff were
women with equal pay (four years of balanced budget and surplus), five very successful
sons (three with MBAs from Harvard, one in medical residency), 18 grandchildren
(cares about US future, not his own power), long happy marriage, turnaround
artist for the nation.

National Republican Party
Washington DC

Anonymous said...

Folks, this is serious stuff. Socialist Obamas trusty socialist AG (who dismissed the new Black Panthers "my people" voter intimidation Fed lawsuit in Philly in 2008) was a criminal in college in 1970 with an armed takeover of the ROTC building.
Meanwhile innocent US troops defending against communist socialist aggression were slaughtered in Vietnam as 65k died with the average KIA only 19 yrs old.

Does America need 4 more yrs of this 47%er with his traitor AG ?

Send 100% Mitt Romney to the White House 2012 to clean up the ungodly mess and oceans of red ink.

Republican National Party 2012

Anonymous said...

Romney will destroy the worst president in history? I didnt know he was running against george w bush. heh heh heh heh heh heh heh. Stupid hillbilly redneck republicans!