Monday, September 3, 2012

Duke CEO defends Obama, talks up Charlotte on CNN

Duke Energy CEO Jim Rogers defended President Barack Obama and talked up Charlotte during an interview with CNN's Soledad O'Brien on her show Monday morning.

When asked about whether the country is better off now than four years ago, Rogers first talked about how energy efficiency has improved over Obama's term and how natural gas has emerged as a low-cost energy source.

When pressed about the economy, Rogers said Obama started in a "deep hole" that he's worked out of.

"The more relevant question is, are we on the right trend?" Rogers said. "Are we moving in the right direction?"

Rogers has been a prominent donor to both the Democratic National Committee and the Obama campaign this election cycle, FEC records show, as well as other Democratic and Republican candidates.

O'Brien also asked Rogers about Charlotte and whether the city can handle the convention despite its relatively small size.

"Charlotte has a history of punching above its weight," Rogers said. "Charlotte has a history of re-inventing itself. Charlotte is a can-do city."

Rogers and the panel went on to talk briefly about carbon regulations and cap-and-trade. You can read a transcript of the interview here.

-Andrew Dunn


Anonymous said...

Good for Rodgers, better than the"other" energy co we have here. Oh my apologies Mr Skainks.

Anonymous said...

The president of a government monopoly is voting for the democrat. Wow, big surprise. It's all about who you golf with to get the regulations you want. Electricity should be 2 cents per kw, not 13 cents. Competition now, and free electricity to all homes within 5 miles of a nuclear plant to offset the devaluation of the property. Yes, put me in charge, I'll have this empty suit washed, dried and folded in no time.

Wiley Coyote said...

Mr. Rogers, you can take my Duke Power Bill and shove it...

Larry Comrades said...

Thanks for the twelve million for the DNC, could not have been done without our utility payments for the next few years.

Anonymous said...

If energy efficienty is up so much, why is my power bill so much higher than 4 years ago?

Skippy said...

100% in bed wtih the regime who openly and warmly accpeted $235,000,000,000 in "green" tax credits from this corrupt adminstration. And yes they did ask for a 17% rated increase this year and "only" got 7% but they will be back next year in full support of the President that promised us skyrocketing energy costs.

And you can thank every whiberal that voted for this skunk.

Anonymous said...

Kenyan born African illegal alien president Obama is the worst president in US history smuggled in from the radical left with the help of Weatherman Bill Ayers who convicted with the rest who killed innocents blowing up buildings at Chicago in 1968 DNC.

16 trillion debt and 6 trillion he wasted but nobody knows where unless it was stuffed in abak account in the Carribeans.


DNC a traitorous murdering lying thieving party destroying America with 16 trillion debt, 100 million illegal aliens and 3rd world plus stealing all the assets of good Americans.


Sweep out the old tired worn out Marxist Manifesto failed communist doctrine redical Obama illegal and install new blood to fix America or it will die.

ROMNEY 2012.

FIRE THE socialist Marxist Obama BUM who has homosexualized and soddomized America!!!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Got in yesterday from the West Coast. What is the hell is this but some godforsaken backwater? Jesus. Theres nothing here. Is this the real Mayberry or Walmart city? Not impressed.

Where are the oceans and mountains we have been reading about? Where do people relax? Dine?
All we see are a few buildings and small concrete freeways or high priced ripoff eateries that serve what looks like dog or cat meat.

Gonna be a boring week. We should have stayed home. This should have been held in a real world class city like San Francisco not Mayberry.
Obama will certainly lose now.

Frisco at the Hilton on I85.

Wiley Coyote said...

Anon 9:44,

Take two hours, drive west until you run into Asheville.

There you will see some mountains and be right at home, since Asheville is the San Francisco of the east.

By the way. I travel to San Fran area every month on business and avoid the city like a plague.

Anonymous said...

All politcal conventions should be held in the nude.

Anonymous said...

Yes but nude politicians might result in a spike in admissions to sanitariums.

Anonymous said...

We are all down here at the beach waiting for all you libs to leave town.