Monday, September 3, 2012

LA mayor expects 65,000 for Obama speech

Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says to expect 65,000 people to be in Bank of America on Thursday night for President Barack Obama's acceptance speech.

Speaking Monday at uptown's POLITICO Playbook Breakfast, the mayor and chair of the 2012 Democratic National Convention also acknowledged that delegates in Charlotte may have to give themseves some extra time all week to maneuver the various security arrangements on their way to events and Time Warner Cable Arena.

When the Democrats held their convention in his city in 2000, Villaraigosa told host Mike Allen and his audience, "LA felt like it went very smoothly -- because that was before  September 11 . . . I hope it's going to go as smoothly as possibly here."

When asked about Charlotte, though, Villaraigosa showered the Queen City and its residents with compliments.

"Don't you just love the Southern hospitality? They're so warm, so gracious," he said. "I love the trees, This is a beautiful city . . . This is a city where you'd want to love."

The mayor also gave a shout-out to Osso restaurant and the whole N.C. Music Factoy complex. And he called Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx "the face of the New South."

-- Tim Funk  


Anonymous said...

Depends on how much it pays.

Anonymous said...

Los Angeles with its 25 million is the spitting image of Mexico City.

Anonymous said...

Get off the crack. There is no face of the New South unless its the Batman joker.

The DNC needs to hurry and get over with so Romney can get elected and get Obamas 16 trillion dollar mega red ink mess cleaned up if its possible.

Obama couldnt run a lemonaid stand and in way over his small brain head. Dont buy all that crackhead snake oil fantazy.

Obama and Foxx are the icebergs that sank the Titanic.

Anonymous said...

Uh Yeah!!! When you are givng away tickets for attendance and busing folks in. Then you might get a full stadium but not to purchase a ticket then you won't get a full stadium. FREE is great for anything!

Anonymous said...

Bussing in college students helps. There's no way they are going to get 65k.