Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Jill Biden to visit Huntersville on Friday

Jill Biden will rally Obama campaign volunteers in Huntersville on Friday.

The wife of Vice President Joe Biden is scheduled to speak at 1 p.m. at the Obama-Biden campaign field office at 14229 Reese Boulevard.

She had been scheduled to be in Huntersville
-- Tim Funk


Anonymous said...

Obama and Biden liberal homosexualizers of America and its military and corrupters of 100 million youth turning it into 3rd world loser lowlife are goners and lame ducks.

Quack all they like with 16 trillion in debt and no accounting where it went other than maybe Obamas offshore bank account in the Carribeans while 47% of America on welfare or foodstamps and the intentional Libya terrorist attack killing 4 Americans while trying to legalize 50 million mooching illegals.

Utterly failed Kenyan born Obama has destroyed America and continues to reduce it to 3rd world and a menace to western society and western values.

Get the WH socialist hack out of office next week. Send a real leader to Washington DC or there will be TWO nations created RED and BLUE and America will be split in half.

Trying to capitalize politically on the NE storm for personal gain the last straw for Karl Marx Jr.


Anonymous said...

I guess the dems really have given up on NC

Anonymous said...

Where's the big O?
He promised he'd come back to Charlotte.

Anonymous said...

what a morooon!