Thursday, November 1, 2012

No N.C. stops scheduled for Obama or Romney

So much for North Carolina being a key battleground state.

Neither President Barack Obama nor Republican challenger Mitt Romney are scheduled to make stops in the state before Election Day, according to several reports from the campaign trail.

The candidates' scheduled appearances are starting to be released after both cut campaigning short as superstorm Sandy pummeled the East Coast.

Both are making swings through Ohio, Wisconsin, Virginia, Iowa, Colorado and New Hampshire.

The most recent updates came from NBC News reporter Mark Murray:

From an RNC spokesman:
The Romney campaign said Wednesday that North Carolina was drifting away from Obama. The president's campaign, for its part, said Monday the state was very much in play.

Vice President Joe Biden's wife, Jill Biden, is still scheduled to campaign in Huntersville and Asheville on Friday.

UPDATE: Looks like the Obama campaign is still thinking about North Carolina. Michelle Obama is now scheduled to visit Charlotte on Monday.


KB said...

there is a lot of territory to cover, I suspect all are considered "battlegrounds" ...that's politics.

Anonymous said...

Rear Adm. Charles M. Gaouette relieved of command !!!
General Carter Ham relieved of command !!!

Anonymous said...

Obama is working to make FEMA public

Republicans are trying to make FEMA private

Wake up America.

Anonymous said...

If you vote for Mitt Romney all you will get is a Tax Cheating Liar. He is a Yankee Republican and will not help NC. So you figure out who has your best interest and VOTE for your economics not the 1% like the tax cheating liar.

Anonymous said...

Obama promised he would come back to Charlotte after the DNC. No news here - another promise not kept by the big O.