Monday, October 29, 2012

Money continues to roll in 8th an 9th Districts

Following the tweets @jimmorrill:

R Richard Hudson in #NC08 outraises D Larry Kissell 5-1 in first part of Oct. He got $90K from PACs, 3 x all of what Kissell raised. #NCPOL

Republican Robt. Pittenger in #NC09loaned his campaign $25K in Oct., otherwise outraised by Dem. Jennifer Roberts $76K to $66K. #NCPOL


Anonymous said...

This will give the Red Party all it needs to win all elections as you dont knock the capitalist Graham Family. Keep it up muslim Barber. What a 500lb dumb idiot.

The socialist NAACP and libs proving they are Al Queda enablers since the world knows the islamic jihadist in the WH aatollah Osama Obama loves his beautiful great pagan religion.

His total homosexualization of America and the military is only trickery knowing this only enrages and enflames muslim jihadist pagans to attack christian Americans espec easy targets like US Embassys in Obama revolutionized muslim brotherhood led nations in N Africa.

Why didnt Obama try to protect Ambassador Stevens or give him military support after 250 requests? Dead giveaway. The next phase of the great christian holy war Great Crusades has officially begun.
Complete eradication of 1.3 billion pagan muslims will be mandatory.


Anonymous said...

Obama same old broken record 2008 and 2012. Wheres the beef?

Anonymous said...

Voted yesterday.
All GOP except for 9th district.
When he is brought up on ethics charges in the next few years I want to have a clear conscience.