Monday, November 5, 2012

Charlotte ranks No. 2 in political fundraising

If you needed further proof that the Democratic National Convention was a nonstop party, here it is. The 362 political fundraisers held in Charlotte during those four days drove the city to the No. 2 spot on the Sunlight Foundation's annual ranking of political fundraising cities.

The Tuesday and Wednesday of convention week turned out to be the busiest fundraising days of the entire year, according to the foundation, with 249 political parties between them.

Washington D.C., naturally, again hosted the most fundraisers, with 1,128. Tampa, home to this year's Republican National Convention, came in third at 209.

The DNC-related parties accounted for 85 percent of the total number of political fundraisers in Charlotte during the entire year. The city's overall total this year was 423.

The rest of the top 10:

  • New York City: 69
  • San Francisco: 36
  • Chicago: 25
  • Los Angeles: 25
  • Boston: 23
  • St. Petersburg, Fla.: 21
  • Denver: 16


John said...


Just like the Obama presidency... a non-stop party at OUR expense!

Vote to free the nation tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

Despite your attempts to steal the election circa 2004 and archaic voter surpression tactics,...You ignorant people are in for a huge surprise and rude awakening... keep living in your bubble of imagination, LOL.

Anonymous said...

Its a good thing these low IQ ignorant supressionist liberals and their socialist muslim Obama won because now he cant keep whining and blaming Bush after 4 years and how bad it was like somebody put a gun to his head and forced him to run.

Did Bush run up a 16 trillion dollar debt in only 3.5 yrs and keep the unemployment rate at 8% and welfare and food stamps moochers to jump 100% to over 50%?

Hes a lame duck and sure as hell wont get anything through the GOP House and has nothing to offer but holding onto his power ego trip.

And whats up with REPUBLICAN Pat McCrory losing Mecklenburg County by a 2/3 margin to racist scumbag liberals and who want his help now as Governor?

McCrory will be helping ONLY his GOP contituents NOT his haters. Sorry haters. Democrackheads get NOTHING.

Anonymous said...

Much congratulations to REPUBLICAN Hon Mr Robert Pittman for stomping that weird liberal scumbag shemale and those liberal minions who tried their best to slander discredit and assassinate the character of the RED PARTY new 9th District Representative.

Like REPUBLICAN Gov McCrory, that elephant memory will come in very handy now when helping out your constituents ONLY and throwing the liberal blue demo-rats under the moving bus where they belong who have been trashing you for so long now. Payback time.

Republicans do not award criminals liars crooks for their misdeeds and bad behavior.

And the NC Legislature increased to even more RED REPUBLICAN so the payback for liberal haters will be very tough in coming years and decades.

ps McCrory is not tricked by the Observers phony endorsement with their pagan god Obama they kneel and worship 5 times a day.

Anonymous said...

Is the local media rag forgetting ex Davidson College Chemistry professor Republican Jim Martin who was elected to 2 terms as NC Gov in Raleigh from 1985-1993 after 6 terms in the US House in saying Republican Pat McCrory is the only NC Gov elected in 94 years ?

Is that not 2 Republican NC Govs in 94 years?

Anonymous said...

Careful what you wish ...

So Obama needs more time to be president yet none of the other 43 presidents did? Telltale.

Is it because he is perhaps mentally slower than the rest? Does he suffer from dyslexia? ADS?
Dosent he screw up everything he touches anyway?
How difficult is it to throw borrowed trillions at the wall and see if it sticks?

Did he need more time to make that 700 on his SAT test and get a free ticket to college?

Did he need more time pass his LSAT that was one of the lowest but AA got him a slot in law school on a free lunch?

Did he need more time to pass the Bar that he never passed after 3 attempts?

How many businesss and jobs has Mr Slowpoke crybaby or Biden the idiot created and sustained in his lifetime?

Rewarding failure again are we libs? Achievement means nothing anymore? Cheat lie or scam to get ahead?

Amerika totally out of whack in the pc unside down Bizzarro World.

Will Obama still blame Bush and beg 4 more since 8 years wasnt enough with Americka 25 trillion in the hole and 50% jobless as a 3rd world nation plus all media is bankrupt and 99% of journalists and writers are laid off on welfare and food stamps by 2016? Too funny.

Careful what you wish ...

Anonymous said...

So when its almost his time to go Obama will double or triple up praying to allah (or himself) 10-15times a day instead of the usual
5 ?
Wow ...

Anonymous said...

Redistributionist liberal homosexual enabler nation destroyer Obama needs to rob extort steal pilfer more from the capitalists to give to the socialist moocher 50% to cover that MIA 6 trillion in the past 3.5yrs that has vanished in thin air but safe and sound in a Carribean Bank in his dead maternals name.

Time to end the BAD MARRIAGE legally with irreconcilable differences and split into RED and BLUE nations to stop the socialist redistribution theft by the extortionist moochers.
Split inevitable. Mutal hate. Its for the better of both nations.



Anonymous said...

Why did the media wait until after the rigged election to expose the Petraeus scandal?

GOP needs to dig hard on this latest WH rigged selection to get to the real truth and real president and that is Romney. Early voting was totally rigged. how many millions of Obama's illegals voted?

The impostor hijacked the WH again and the experienced perfect best man Romney cut off from using his expertise to repair Amerika in its final dying days with a DC with the intruder blowing mega trillions like a drunken sailor.

Never give the key to the bank to the bank robber.

Did clueless half brain liberals not care to fix the god awful red ink mess mess allowing the proven incompetent moron to retain power in a socially engineered power play political rig that will only exacerbate what is already an un-salvageable nation on the brink of the abyss and complete irreversible financial disaster?



Anonymous said...

RED STATES and BLUES STATES separate nation petitions filed to split the BAD MARRIAGE and DIVORCE legally.
National movement underway for TWO American nations.
The secession movement growing quickly like an avalanche now.

BLUE STATE NATION will be 3rd world and happy with their new socialist president and can homosexualize all they wish even legalize beastality marriage between humans and their pets plus legalize 50 million illegals to be their citizens.

RED STATE NATION will be the top educated at conservative arts universities and the strongest military nation on earth. It will be an elite wealthy modern 1st world capitalist free market free enterprize with no illegal immigrants or homosexuality perversion. Taxation will be minimal and no entitlements.
Guest workers may be used to perform manual labor only housed temp in labor camps. 3rd world Blue nation scum not allowed in the elite Red nation that will be an official Xian nation cemented into its new Constitution.

Time for DIVORCE based on irreconcilable differences has arrived at last.

States where residents have filed secession petitions include: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and Wyoming.



Anonymous said...

Media rats covering for mullah Obama ahead the Congressional hearing of 4 Americans in Benghazi Libya using smoke and mirrors on meaningless tabloid trash articles to divert attention away from the real culprit.

Karl Obama will leave the WH in 4 years as the worst ever to fill the slot and 25 trillion in debt as he attempts to extort the real taxpayers for trillions more in taxations.

No Bush to blame.

Anonymous said...

Racist Obama hates America

Anonymous said...

Massive taxation by the re-distributionist socialist dictator in the WH. Firms already cutting back on employees to stay in business. Media corps cutting more employees also but that will be deserved payback for promoting their Marxist.

Whats next? Seizure of all privately owned property and businesss?

Anonymous said...

Impeach this gangling pinhead treasonous traitor Kenyan jihadist muslim Obama who wants his UN liar muslim Rice to replace Clinton as Secretary of State.
If muslim Rice lies over muslim Benghazi she will lie over anything like her muslim master blaming a muslim film for 4 rigged Americans deaths.

Libya-Gate cranking up. No deals. No compromise. Using some frivolous sex scandal only exposed after the election to divert attention from the real culprit in the WH is laughable.

Even democrats, soddomites and all other liberal stank demand impeachment of a treasonous rogue not wanting muslim terrorists in control of America.


Anonymous said...

Why not investigate Obama with his liberal media over the timing of releasing this sexual affair after the election? Typical liberal and liberal media dirty tricks.

Of course Obama claims he knew nothing about all this just like Benghazi and everything else. This is one self admitted ignoramous in the WH with a 16 trillion debt and need to extort more off taxpayers for his 47% ( now 51% ) moochers who think they are entitled to everything free of the wage earners.

Anonymous said...

Red States elected President Romney calls it 100% right as usual. Bluez States elected president Obama cheated. Rigged electorate using public tax funds.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Congrats to comrade socialist Obama and his Obamacare who has just shut down Hostess and the famous Twinkies with 20,000 jobs lost.

Wall St estimates millions more jobs on the line with Obama back.

But so sweat. Mr Cool the gangling skinny pinhead got the keys to the bank another 4 yrs to keep those trillions in paper rolling out nonstop and run up mega trillions more in more debt laughing like the smiling Jamaican "dont worry be happy".

Anonymous said...

SOS Obama you are fooling no one and nothing but a lying bullshitter destroying Amerika to the core.

Anonymous said...

Obama wants to jump over the fiscal cliff he created with his 6.5 trillion social spending wastes so he can try to dodge responsibility and blame Republicans for his sea of red ink and everything else he he has screwed up on since day one. What a total mess this incometent has made.

top crowdfunding sites said...

Red States chose President Romney calls it 100% right obviously. Bluez States chose president Obama deceived. Fixed electorate utilizing open duty stores.

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