Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Third Ward residents full of questions about convention

No, uptown residents won't have to move. Yes, there will be city garbage pickup during Democratic National Convention time in September.

How about CATS bus or free Gold Rush service uptown? That's still a big unknown.

Last week's Third Ward Neighborhood Association Meeting hosted representatives with city and law enforcement to answer what questions they can about the Democratic convention in Charlotte.

Carol Jennings, the city of Charlotte's liaison to the convention, said city services will operate "business as usual" - including Wednesday garbage pickups. Those may be scheduled later in the day.

Uptown residents won't have to move, although they might have to get credentials if they live in an area determined to be a "vehicle-free zone" during the convention.

And what about Charlotte putting its best foot forward?

The city isn't going to spend any extra money on paving, Jennings said, but will plan its typical annual street work before the event. "There are going to be some major pavings next spring," she said.

To the disappointment of residents, Romare Bearden Park, at the corner of Church and Third streets, won't be finished to show off by convention time. Celeste Smith

More state party reps get a look at Charlotte, hotels

Democratic convention officials hosted Democratic Party representatives from nine more states Monday, giving them a tour of Charlotte hotels and amenities.

It was the second group of party officials to take the tour.

Convention officials will make hotel assignments early next year.
–Jim Morrill


Anonymous said...

Is anyone aware that convention jobs are being out sourced to only union shops? That hotel employees are being told that they will be furloughed during the convention and unionized workers brought in to replace them? Charlotte will rue the day they took on the DNC.