Thursday, November 17, 2011

Presidential rocker and other local HQ tidbits

Besides the Susan Burgess Conference Room, here are some other things reporters saw on a recent tour of the DNCC's headquarters:

A replica of the famous rocking chair favored by President John F. Kennedy. It's a gift from Troutman Chairs, maker of the original.

Among the items adorning the museum-like office of DNCC CEO Steve Kerrigan are jerseys from the Charlotte Knights and Charlotte Bobcats (each with "Kerrigan" on the back); memorabilia from Obama's 2009 inauguration (which Kerrigan planned), including a "Horse Manure Only" sign that had been planted on the inaugural grounds; and the reading copy of President-elect Kennedy's January 1961 speech, complete with handwritten notes, to the Massachusetts legislature - a gift from Kerrigan's former boss, U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy.

To get to the DNCC offices, reporters showed up at the old Wachovia building on South Tryon Street, went through security, then took the elevator to the 13th floor.

When asked about the unlucky number, Kerrigan said he was not superstitious.

"I take what's first offered," he said, then added: "Do they still make buildings with 13th floors?"

Tim Funk