Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Surveillance sticker shock: Tampa starts over

Tampa officials are starting over after bids came in too high for security cameras for next year's Republican National Convention.

According to the St. Petersburg (Fla.) Times, the city is trying to boost surveillance at an estimated 200 downtown sites. The cameras have to be up and running by June 1 for the August convention.

Charlotte city officials declined to comment about security arrangements.

Sticker shock, part 2: GOP wants Tampa hotel rates cut

Hotel managers in Tampa are reeling after being told to cut their rates during the GOP convention.

The St. Petersburg Times reported Saturday that hoteliers were told to throw out year-old room contracts with convention organizers and sign new agreements with lower room rates. The new rates were set by a company GOP convention organizers recently hired to manage hotel room blocks for conventions. One property owner said the rate cut would mean $150,000 in lost revenue.

In Charlotte, convention officials say there won't be any changes here - hotel contracts are firm, and no renegotiations are planned.

Officials invested a lot of time to work through hotel agreements, said Mike Butts, executive director of Visit Charlotte.
–Jim Morrill and Celeste Smith


Anonymous said...

"The St. Petersburg Times reported Saturday that hoteliers were told to throw out year-old room contracts with convention organizers and sign new agreements with lower room rates."

How ironic for the party which celebrates free markets...

Anonymous said...

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