Sunday, June 24, 2012

CPCC a security staging area?

With students and staffers staying home, what will become of Central Piedmont Community College convention week?

Here's a possible hint from CPCC spokesman Jeff Lowrance: He told us the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department "contacted the college about using part of the central campus as a security staging area."

We at Dish on DNC have even heard that the Secret Service might use the site, which is a short hike -- or  helicopter ride -- away from the uptown action.

We contacted the CMPD, which was typically tight-lipped.

The Secret Service was friendlier, but equally mum.

CPCC usually starts classes Aug. 17 or 18. This year, the school will start back on Aug. 9, then take off Labor Day week.

--Tim Funk


Anonymous said...

what is the purpose of sensationalizing if it is? Look "wooh" look people. Just let them do their job in peace and its none of our business

Cedar Posts said...
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Cedar Posts said...

"none of our business" is just the way the Germans looked at things.

Anonymous said...

Great, so taxpayer paid professors at CPCC get a holiday that week as well?

Just add that to the taxypayer dime of holding a DNC rally here in Charlotte.

Oh, and what about the progress towards the $37M that Charlotte's on the hook for?

Anonymous said...

I work uptown. It's now 10 weeks before the convention and they still haven't told us anything about anything. Will I be able to drive to work without getting strip searched and my car searched? Will I have to go through metal detectors every day? We need to know something--NOW.

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Garth Vader said...

+1 to CedarPosts

Question: What kind of journalist accepts "tight-lipped" and "mum" as "answers" from people whose salaries we pay? Answer: A State-owned eunuch.