Monday, April 9, 2012

"Texts from Hillary" could get fodder from her skipping DNC in Charlotte

"Texts from Hillary" is the latest and maybe the funniest blog out there for politics junkies.

The Tumblr meme -- created by Stacy Lambe and Adam Smith -- is built around two photos of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, looking in-charge and a bit intimidating in her sunglasses as she stares at her phone while seated in a military C-17 aircraft.

The hilarious part: The imagined texts supplied by bloggers.

In one exchange, reports the Washington Post, President Barack Obama is pictured with his phone, "texting" Clinton: "Hey Hil, Watchu doing?" Her reply: "Running the World."

The revelation that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won't be attending the 2012 Democratic National Convention in Charlotte -- first reported by the Observer -- should provide more fodder for the "Texts from Hillary."

Or as The Atlantic (Monthly) Wire put it: "In a move that will fuel her current meme-mentum, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has announced that she will be skipping the 2012 Democratic National Convention"

Check out the article and -- maybe imagining that POTUS and Secy Clinton are talking about the Dem convention and how she's just too busy to attend -- check out the pictured "exchange."

Tim Funk


Anonymous said...

Dont forget Hillary who has a much higher IQ was royally screwed out of the prez & falsely called racist in 2008 for perfectly legit comments.

Hillary correctly said LBJs Great Society was the reason for minority advancements causing immediate screams of racism since she put LBJ over MLK.

Bill got the same racist charges when he called Obama a fairytale. He was 100% correct.

Bill and Hillary were thus forever tainted as the ungodly awful terrible racists they are and the rest is history ... Obama did throw her a dog bone job ...

Hillary still PISSED AS HELL at Obamas dirty politics (and Bills Monica affair) and refuses to even accept VP and retiring.

ps Insider word is Romney has plans to offer Hillary, who grew up a staunch Republican in suburban Chicago, the VP job ... thats a guarded secret...

Anonymous said...

Romney offering Hillary the VP spot. That comment singlehandidly proves Charlotte is the single greatest bastion of idiots in the Southeast.

Anonymous said...

A Mitt and Hillary Republican ticket would be a formidable unbeatable team although this one is pretty much a done deal anyway as Barack Hussein Marx and his 15 minutes of fame is almost over. Selecting Clinton as VP would be just a formality but an excellent choice.
Hillary Rodham is definitely a conservative Republican at heart chip off the block of her extremely conservative dad who was well known in GOP circles in Chicago.

Anonymous said...

"The only people who dont want to disclose the truth are those with something to hide"

US Senator Barack Husein Obama

prez of 4-5 a gallon gas who now admits he is helpless to do anything but knows how to rule the world and waste 5 trillion debt more than all former presidents combined. Wow.

Anonymous said...

pics of zimmermans bloody head injuries never seen

Anonymous said...

Biden proclaims to the world Obama has a big stick ... Michelle fumes.

Anonymous said...

hot Dania's take on it all