Monday, December 12, 2011

A bullseye on Queen City?

An Occupy organizer from Asheville is telling the Huffington Post that next year's Democratic National Convention in Charlotte will be a "powder keg" and that the city already has "a big target on it."

The quotes come from Martin Ramsey of Occupy Asheville, who was commenting on Charlotte City Council's upcoming consideration of a proposed ordinance that would make camping on public property a "public nuisance," and would prohibit "noxious substances," padlocks and other camping equipment.

The HuffPost story, a version of which also showed up New York magazine's Daily Intel, calls Charlotte "the Wall Street of the South" and suggests that city officials are fearful that inaction on their part could lead to a rerun of "Chicago '68." That's a reference to the chaotic scene outside the Democratic National Convention in 1968, when police battled anti-Vietnam War protesters on national TV.

The article says Occupy organizers don't yet know what, if anything, they'll do in Charlotte during convention week. But they're mulling it over: "Everybody I talked to (from other Occupy groups in the Carolinas) said the DNC is ground zero for everything," Occupy Charlotte organizer Luis Rodriguez told the Huffington Post. Tim Funk

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Anonymous said...

Made even worse by the clueless monkey in charge of CMPD.

Anonymous said...

The police state has arrived to the USA. Ron Paul 2012.