Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Convention organizers going to all 100 N.C. counties in search of 'ambassadors'

The Democratic National Convention Committee said today it plans to launch "a community outreach campaign" to all 100 N.C. counties.

In January and February, the committee representatives will spread across the state talking about the convention and identifying 100 Convention Community Organizers to serve as "ambassadors" for the convention in their counties. The convention will be held in Charlotte Sept. 3-6.

“With the 100 County Plan, we hope to .... gather ideas to help ensure that this Convention is truly representative of the state of North Carolina, and reflective of the ideas of its citizens,” convention CEO Steve Kerrigan said in a statement.

Convention officials say the plan is designed to promote next year's convention as a state-wide event, help recruit volunteers and encourage businesses to use the convention's vendor directory. Officials plan to announce the 100 County Community Organizers in March. Jim Morrill