Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Somber St. Louis

Somber and disappointment is in the air in St. Louis -- the other city considered a front runner for the 2012 Democratic National Committee convention.

A story on the St. Louis Post Dispatch web site said today's announcement "ended with a thud an all-out effort by city officials here to land the event, and the thousands of visitors and national attention that comes with it." Read the story in its entirely by clicking here.

"I think this was a huge missed opportunity for the DNC to hold the convention in a swing state that’s in the heartland of swing states," the newspaper quoted U.S. Rep. Russ Carnahan, D-St. Louis, as saying.

St. Louis television station KSDK said city Mayor Francis Slay was proud of how far his city came, but believes the final decision came down to "electoral politics." "He said they had the backing and support of Republicans and Democrats in St. Louis," the TV station reported.

Slay's chief of staff told the Post-Dispatch that the decision "came down to the wire." "Democrats went so far as negotiating a contract with the city that was written but never signed," the newspaper reported.

In a statement, St. Louis City Democrats Chairman Brian Wahby said today's DNC announcement was not the news officials wanted to hear, but he offered sincere congratulations to Charlotte and look forward to being there in September of 2012."