Monday, February 7, 2011

Labor unions fuming over Charlotte's win is reporting that organized labor is angry over the selection of Charlotte to host the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Union organizers contend that North Carolina is the least-organized state in the nation.

The selection was “a calculated affront,” said Rick Sloan, communications director for the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers. Union workers are also angry about the convention's starting date: Sept. 3, 2012 - the Labor Day holiday.

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Alan from Albemarle said...

Ahahahhahhshahhahha! I'm beginning to like this convention more and more. The line of whiners looking for a handout contract will stretch from here to the Uwharrie National Forest.

Anonymous said...

As union workers now comprise only about 7% of the private sector workforce, and public sector unions are now bankrupting several states, perhaps it's time their leaders faced the facts- Your time in history has PASSED.

Anonymous said...

That is just hillarious.

Unions angry they can't bilk more dough from the unaware.

William Robert Thornton said...

...organizers contend that North Carolina is the least-organized state in the nation.

From the looks of my desk, I would have to agree.

Anonymous said...

Union fools!
Obama and company don't need your votes. When the dems dis you, the jig is up. You are only important to yourselves. Do you read the paper? Is there ANY person in your organization that knows the reality surrounding unions?
Wake up.
NOBODY CARES what you think.
Go on strike or something so that you can be replaced by people who want to work.

John said...

Yeah you guys keep buying the unions are the problem line the rich and the GOP feed you. Please continue to ignore the decline in the middle class that fairly mirrors the decline of unions. But you keep rooting for the rich guys I am sure at some point they'll do something for you other than destroy the country so they can line their pockets. Soon I am sure.

Anonymous said...

Actually, NC is 49th in union membership; our neighbors to the "South" hold the curse/honor of being 50th/1st.

I also thought starting on Labor Day was a slap in the face and a horrible symbolic gesture...

Anonymous said...

This convention will be a lot like a Union. "The Peoples Convention" will be funded by the people and enjoyed by the big wigs. What is more Union than that?

Anonymous said...

The TRUE unemployment rate is over 20% because of these loathsome trashy mooching lying cheating stealing brainwashing liberal socialist communist vastly overpaid worthless unions. Millions of US jobs would not be in Asia right now had it not been for lazy union scumbags.

Anonymous said...

Japanese manufacturers seem to be doing fine with their union workforce. maybe it's just bigger profits for the practitioners of management capitalism, where the fat cats at the top line their pockets after shipping your jobs to places where people make a dollar a day.

Ken from Kannapolis said...

Whether you like to admit it or not, the early struggles between unions and management brought us the 40-hr work week, overtime pay, paid vacation, health benefits, an end to child labor, safer working conditions, etc. Unfortunately, once those types of benefits became commonplace, a certain amount of greed and entitlement entered the organizations, such as is common to any large bureaucracy private or public.

Management has exploited the delta between union and non-union wages to the benefit of their bottom line. For example, the South has "benefited" by automakers building factories in Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina to take advantage of low wage non-union workers. This is the same thing that happened when textile mills moved from the Northeast to the South at the turn of the last century, before the jobs then moved on to Mexico and China. We were just a temporary step down the path of cheap labor. Globalization will continue the march to the bottom in wages and benefits. And useful idiots will continue to blame the worker, who is only trying to make a better wage for himself as anyone would strive to do. Instead of placing the responsibility where it really lies. It's not as simple union vs. non-union.

Anonymous said...

"Useful idiots" like auto company CEOS and state legislators/governors who gave into ridiculous union demands and wound up in bankruptcy.

Good point, bro!

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the readers who posted comments that are so anti union surrender all the benefits that collective organization brought all workers, not just union members,such as 40 hour work week, paid holidays, enforcing child labor laws (so that your 16 year old teenager can't be forced to work late into the night without fear of termination) health insurance, retirement plans etc. If that happened there would be alot less self rightous comments on here about hard work and self reliance because you would be too busy killing yourself working to meet life's basic needs and wouldn't have time to share these feelings. There are a few cases of inept, lazy and overpaid union workers in our workforce but not near as many inept, lazy, overpaid workers that are allowed to exist through nepotism and government entitlement programs. The unions didn't break GM and Chrylser but the refusal to make cars Americans wanted to purchase instead of Toyotas and Hondas did. By the way, the two aformentioned companies are heavily unionized both in American manufacturing and overseas. And are making a profit without bailouts!! I like my union job and compensation and I work harder than I did at non union companies in the same industry.

Anonymous said...

The bailed out car companies are still making cars that nobody wants... see the Volt...

My tax dollars went to ensure that union workers would get sweet retirement and health care packages that brought the entire industry to its knees. That should never have happened. GM should have failed and its place been taken by a company more responsive to customer needs and wants

Anonymous said...

Textile mills moved from the north to the south? When? Which ones? This is revisionist history justify why 75 million have vacated the vast frigid rust wasteland diseased 3rd world concrete jungle socialist cesspools to overpopulate the south taking millions of jobs and altering the landscape. Textile mils? Cannon was home grown as the largest in the world with over 20,000 workers. Springs, Springmaid, Burlington and all others. The south always milled it own cotten products. Banks? Bank of American and Wachovia, First Union, and all the others = homegrown locally. Retailers? WalMart is non-union and the worlds largest corp with 1.5 million workers. There are a some companies who expanded south but remain headquartered in the north. Most everything in the south is homegrown. Always has been always will be.
Unions will always be rogue to the south.
Those auto makers in 3rd world places like Detroit are all govt owned and bellyup due to rogue unions just like the Pa steel mills and everything else. Coal mines are on their way out.
All the auto makers in the south are from Japan and Korea.

David P. McKnight said...

Labor needs to do a more effective job of articulating its general views during the election cycle in the form of grass-roots support for presidential candidates in the Democratic primaries and caucuses. So often it seems that candidates with broad experience and solid congressional or gubernatorial records on issues of concern to labor are passed over by labor groups during the competition for the Democratic presidential nomination every four years.

Rather the choice of labor activists so often seems to be a candidate without such a clear record on the issues who it is hoped will look favorably upon future concerns of American workers.

Then we often get a lengthy discussion in the primaries of foreign policy and trade programs affecting jobs here at home in the United States but without sufficient clarification of what these options actually mean in terms of day-to-day action on Capitol Hill and in the White House.

North and South Carolina may be low in labor's list of "organized states," but one thing's for sure: Carolinians on both sides of the line are willing to work at good jobs with a good day's pay. So labor should also ask, regardless of unionization statistics, what can Congress and the President do for all working people in this country?

Anonymous said...

Outlaw all unions in America and terminate NAFTA CAFTA globalization and watch thousands of US corps return with millions of jobs from Asia all with Wall St blessing re-prospering US cities and towns ending unemployment.

Terminate all illegal immigration with force and seal the borders completely. Keep all jobs for US citizens only without exception.

Ditch the anchor baby abused bastarized amendment immediately and retro end all citizenship gained in that method unless for political amnesty with Cubans.

If anybody needs a revolution and change it is America and socialists forcibly removed from power immediately. Tyrants and socialists are all the same. Worthless and an empty suit.

Obama is of no value to American capitalism and has brought this nation to the brink of collaspe financially doing nothing but triple the size of government and debt while doing nothing for corp and job growth other than continue sending millions of jobs to Asia and support union scum.

OUTLAW UNIONS. OUTLAW ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. Unions are totally obselete in America and a detrimental deadly disease and have been for ages.

Anonymous said...

Nobody ever accused The Working Class of NC of being the brightest bulb in the box. After all... they are the ones that sent Jessee Helms to The Senate. They are like Glenn Beck's trained seals....hanging on his every word.... and let's not forget how they worship ole' money grubbing Sarah!!!!

Anonymous said...

Nobody ever accused The bluecollared liberal Union Socialist of 3rd world America ... of being the brightest bulb in the box... After all... they are the ones that sent all the Union Liberal Socialists to DC ...and destroyed robbed and bankrupted America. They are like Obama trained seals....hanging on his every word.... and let's not forget how they worship Karl Marx and Fred Engels !!!!

Agree gritmouth Jesse Helms sucked almost as bad as female killer flabbyass Ted Kennedy.

Anonymous said...

The truth like both political party leaders in DC, the unions and owners are also in bed together in the end playing off each other and its the American masses who get screwed and jacked as usual for higher prices on everything. Dont let them fool you. They are all both co-partners in crime.

Anybody checked your cable tv bills lately that keep rising 10% a year or gas prices over 3 bucks again or food, clothes, etc all in the worst depression in history YET unions demand more millions?

YOU are paying the higher prices due to these unions. To be fair owners also do not need to hold the line on making more.
Its a 2 way street.

This is exactly why the cable tv owners are in colusion with the FCC in DC eliminating analogue tv so all America will have to pay high cable bills and no free transmissions with rabbit ears or antennas as 95% of the world still allows.

Its all rigged and a 2 way scam anyway you cut it and America pays the ever rising costs of everything.

American masses get raped on both ends 24/7/365 non-stop on everything. Forget any messiah in DC. Hes a sellout millionaire too.

Revolution needed. Too hell with the 100 million arab muslim crazyass screamer nut jobs and suicide bombers.

Better worry about America only.

Anonymous said...

The pro- Union citizens need to forget about one week in September and get their bodies to Wisconsin, or Ohio. For those of you who think it is immoral that NC doesn't have Unions, a good study of the Reconstruction period of American history would explain. To put it bluntly, the South couldn't afford unions. The carpetbaggers who came south with the big money they earned during the civil war and bought up assets did not allow unionization. Before the Civil War, South Carolina was the richest state in the Union Afterwards they were starving, both black and white. If you could get a job, you didn't hassle the mill owner.

Anonymous said...

On another note Barack "five dollar a gallon gas" Obama authorizing bringing in 80,000 more of his Muslims in 2011.

ThaQueenCity said...

ALL unions should be outlawed in the "public/government" sector PERIOD!

They forget they are paid by taxpayer dollars and if everyone in the USA worked for the government WHO would be left to pay those outrageous salaries and pensions?


Anonymous said...

This is insane!!!!!!!!!!

Where is the outrage from the local vendors who will be put out of work in the biggest even in history here?

Are you all chickens and cowards even though we know the city will be picking up that 73 million tab once the drunks leave.

So the vendors many who are minority are gonna just take this crap lying down?

SCREW the outsider unionites who are STEALING your money and business.

We have seen bitching and whining from the NAACP in a big time way over legitimate cuts in schools BUT they are SILENT over outsider union scumbag thieves coming to STEAL your business and money??????????????


ps They are probably lying anyway and its a scam just to steal business. This is outrageous !!!

WAKE UP !!! U R being scammed and footing the bill !!!

Anonymous said...

America needs to grow and eat veggies and fruits only.

(very disturbing anti-union video not for the faint or weak who may hurl their meat bird fish)

Anonymous said...

"...loathsome trashy mooching lying cheating stealing brainwashing liberal socialist communist vastly overpaid worthless unions..."

Think you used enough adjectives in that sentence?

Anonymous said...

ABOLISH THE MINIMUM WAGE and bring back business to NC. Anybody can live off about $3 an hour if they will only discipline themselves.

Anonymous said...

For those of you who do nothing but complain about the rich, how about getting off your rear and live the American Dream. Put your pot smoking brain to use and start a business or go to school to get the promotion. I worked two jobs in a restaurant and a lumber yard while going to school. Now I have a job I really like and I am continuing to get certifications and another degree to further advance my career. One day, I am going to be rich while all of you are still complaining about the rich.

Anonymous said...

"Anybody can live off about $3 an hour if they will only discipline themselves."

Tell you what. You try it first. Seriously, go for it. That's between $480-$500 gross a month, based on a 40-hour workweek.

Drop us a note from the poorhouse, let us know how you're doing.

Anonymous said...

Obamas new racist Rev Wright. SOS. These people are all obsessed sickos.

lannie said...

People need to be less hostile and far more interested in what is simple rights and wrongs.

The truth is that is sad that a union has to be formed to begin and that the business cannot be fair wage and benefits to its employers.

Did business move south cause they could hire people at low wages and less benefits and lower taxes?

The question is why are "the people" always against each other and not wise enough to see they are all in the same boat. Its an old capitalist trick--keep you fighting among yourself and take your eye of the American dream as they rake in the money that you should be getting.

Anonymous said...

For those that only see the world as they are told to see it go the the Museum in mill town Lowell, Mass. If the name sounds familiar to the mill town Lowell, NC it is named after the same Lowell family that brought cotten mills from England to the US and then moved them to the South. Gaston County was stuck in time until Freightliner moved in. Then all that pent up energy exploded and Gaston came into its own.
As for GM the Union worker did as they were told it was the sorry management that run it in the ground. If they were as good as the million dollar salaries they say they are worth then why did they fail.
Tell me this how can a CEO be gone for two weeks and no one notices but let someone at the bottom go on vacation and how often do you hear you will have to wait until they get back.

Anonymous said...

Wow! A poster above pointed out that the unions are in deep water without a life jacket when the DNC deserts them. Most excellent point.
When one socialist organization deserts another socialist organization, I am at loss what to make of it...


Anonymous said...

Having worked on the non-union side of the Teamster's union I saw both the pros and cons of unionized labor until 1998.
Lately, when Ford Motor company refused the stimulus from D.C. I didn't know why until an email came across and showed me the info listed in the link below.
Wanna see where labor unions will be in future years watch this

Anonymous said...

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