Thursday, March 8, 2012

DNC looking for summer interns

From the Democratic National Convention Committee:

"The Democratic National Convention Committee is currently accepting
applications from undergraduate and graduate college students to serve as summer
interns. The program is open to students at colleges and universities
across the country and is a unique opportunity to take part in the
behind-the-scenes events of the Democratic National Convention. The
application and answers to frequently asked questions can be found at

"The deadline to apply is March 30. Interns will serve from May 28
through August 10 and will work out of the DNCC headquarters in uptown
Charlotte. DNCC interns perform a wide range of responsibilities,
including assisting senior staff, preparing memos, attending meetings and
events, acting as the first point of contact to the convention by answering
phones and greeting visitors at the front desk, assisting with special projects,
and any other duties that are needed by the department head.

"Each intern will be placed in one of six departments: Office of the CEO,
Office of the Chief of Staff, Technology, Intergovernmental Affairs and
Outreach, Operations, Legal, Communications and Office of the Senior
Advisor." Jim Morrill


Hub Stancil said...

These are unpaid internships of course. Just like the Democrats, always wanting something for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Will these young Democrats also serve as sexual partners for the delegates? I would hope they at least get paid for that!

Anonymous said...

Comrade Mullah Obama has killed and continues killing millions of innocent civilians in only 3 years.

Anonymous said...

Obama in bed with stock market billionaires took 45 million from Wall St big bankers in 2008 is also trying to KILL YOU & MILLIONS of AMERICANS secretly !!!

Anonymous said...

A conservative NC newspaper in agreement the muslims finally gotten something right.

Anonymous said...

Some of these comments about Obama and his killing people and connecting him with Muslims is just ignorant. There is nothing to substantiate these comments. Come on people let a black man have a chance. Doesn't look like we have done so well in the past decades or centuries, white man hasn't set much of an example. I think it must be fear.

Anonymous said...

88% say impeach this white president who could be executed for treason.

Sarah R said...

Why does anyone bring up his color is beyond me..

Anonymous said...

Hey 7:38am....the black man has a chance, and he's not cuttin' it. He sucks!

Anonymous said...

If socialist Karl Obama can get gas down to 99 cents a gallon he could concievably get another chance as impossible as that seems. Otherwise its over. All gas taxes would have to be dropped state and federal in the process.