Friday, September 30, 2011

Chamber sees DNC as a way to sell the city

Need office space? A meeting room? A clinic with "leading local golfers"?

Those are among the services the Charlotte Chamber will be offering to some of America's biggest corporations during Democratic Convention week next September.

In a letter sent last week to the Fortune 1000 - America's 1,000 largest companies - Charlotte Chamber President Bob Morgan offered an array of such services to those corporations "planning to have a presence" at the Dems' big show.

Some services mentioned:

-- Event space.

-- Access to a special e-newsletter targeted at CEOs interested in the DNC.

-- Media list.

--CEO welcome reception hosted by some of Charlotte's Fortune 1000 CEOs.

-- Chamber-provided concierge service/staff liaison to answer questions.

The Chamber also enclosed a fact sheet in the hope that some big companies "may find there is more of interest to your business in the Charlotte region than just the convention."

Has the Chamber heard back from any companies?

"I am not aware of any takers yet," Morgan said Monday. "The important thing was to get the word out."

- Tim Funk